Evening performances on Friday and Saturday night are for Campers only

The Advance Box office will be open 10-4 PM, Tuesday  till Friday 4PM, the week of the fest.
3 day adult (14 or over)camping ticket's Day of will be available Friday for $195.00

Saturday or Sunday Tickets will be available day of show for $45.00 per adult (14 or over) Under 14 is free with parent

Fest Do's and Don'ts

  • The first and foremost item- Come out and have a great time!!!!!
  •   On Friday, 2 Bands will be on The Pavilion Stage. To attend Friday, you must purchase a 3 day camping/admission ticket or a King Crawfish Krewe Ticket in advance.
  • Folks Camping will be allowed in at 10 AM on Friday until 9 PM Friday night and beginning Saturday morning at 8 AM.
  • Main Gates will open at 10:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday. People will start lining up around 9 AM
  • Please bring beach chairs or blankets.
  • Canopies with no sides and umbrella's are allowed, but can't restrict the view of people behind you. Please don't bring anything with sides.
  • We will have a line drawn to separate tents, standing room only and chairs
  • No commercial signage on tents.
  • No tents allowed on field before the main gates open.
  • Tents must be taken down each night except for the Grove.
  • Bottled water sealed by the manufacturer or bottler is allowed, we suggest you freeze it first.
  • Infant food only is allowed in a soft sided cooler. Email us with dietary restrictions
  • Backpacks or soft sided coolers may be brought in with sealed bottled water only. No Exceptions.
  • No pets of any kind are allowed due to insurance regulations and liability issues. You will be asked to bring your pets home. I had to leave mine home too. If we see them locked in a car, we will call the police and local animal control board. Service Animals trained for a task are allowed
  • No recording devices are allowed. No cameras with Professional type telephoto lens as per Artists request by contract.
  • No re-entry except for campers to and from the campground.
  • Cash only for food and crafts. We will have an 5 ATM's on site.
  • Lost and Found will be at the T-shirt booth.
  • Free Parking.
  • No Refunds for any reason.
  • Tickets are good for the day purchased only.

Camping Info

The campground will be open for arrivals on Friday,  from 10 AM until 9 PM, and again on Saturday morning, from 8 AM until 11 AM. Campers arriving between load-in times will have the choice of carrying their things in, or waiting for vehicle access. All campers must leave by Noon Monday.

Five Onsite Campgrounds

Camp New Orleans

  • The original camping section, a party atmosphere. Camping in the rough with tents, pop-ups and small trailers.
    No Hookups, No generators

Camp Baton Rouge

  • A little more quiet, Camping in the rough with tents, pop-ups and small trailers.
    No Hookups, No generators.

Camp Lafayette

  • The Overflow area of Camp Baton Rouge now has a name. Camping in the rough with tents, pop-ups and small trailers.
    No generators. No Hookups Available.

Camp Madisonville

  • Separate area, set up for the big rigs. Water, and dumping station. NO SEWER CONNECTION. Order early to reserve your spot.
  •  50 amp 220V, Water and remote dumping station NO SEWER CONNECTION
  •  30 amp 110V Water and remote dumping station NO SEWER CONNECTION
  • 20 amp 110V Water and remote dumping station NO SEWER CONNECTION

Camping Q/A

Do I need a special ticket?

Yes. Camping tickets are required for campground access at all times, they include concert admittance for Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows. Camping tickets are available in advance at $165 per person in advance Camping Tickets bought on Friday at the door will be $195 per adult, under 14 free. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

Will there be any special organized camper activities?

2 Bands on Friday on The Pavilion Stage. 2 Bands on Saturday night just for the campers.

What's the site like?

It's a basic open field, relatively flat and grassy, accessed via a Fairgrounds road.

What amenities will be provided?

The site is handicapped accessible. It has running water, toilets and hot showers. Ice will be available at Friday, Saturday and Sunday at limited times. Free Jambalaya Samples on Friday Night Only.

Should I bring a tent, a pop-up, or an RV?

That's entirely up to you, but please let us know what you are planning (use the order form), just to give us an idea of what to expect.

Where can I keep my car?

For your convenience, your vehicle may be parked near your site. After that, however, for everybody'ssafety, it may not be moved until you leave. If you will not be staying for the duration, or expect to use your car during the weekend, you will need to park in the lot instead.

Will there be food for sale for the campers?

We will cook 3 pots of Jambalaya for Friday night to be served free around 6 PM at the Jambalaya Booth. Beer/soda/drinks will be available for sale Friday near the Pavilion Stage. We will be cooking breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings. Beignets, Crabcake Beignets, Scrambled Eggs, bacon, coffee and a Fruit Cup will be available in their regular booths at regular prices.

What's the campground schedule?

The campground will be open for arrivals on Friday, from 10 AM until 9 PM, and again on Saturday morning, from 8 AM until 11 AM. Campers arriving between load-in times will have the choice of carrying their things in, or waiting for vehicle access. All campers must leave by Noon Monday.

How can I coordinate group camping?

One way is to arrive together. For safety and efficiency, We will be parking campers on a first-come, first-served basis, filling up each area in sequence, so it will be easier to keep you together if you all park at the same time. There will be an area where you can arrange to meet, or wait for the rest of your group to assemble, ahead of time. The only way to guarantee group-style camping is to buy your tickets in a single block Because this helps us with planning, we will honor such requests.

Will we be able to cook?

Yes, but not on an open campfire. For safety reasons, small pit or wood fires are permitted, small charcoal and gas grills are allowed if they are 12 inches above the ground. You must have an ABC fire extinguisher readily available near your fire. You should bring your own food and beverages (but no glass, please), as well as an ice chest. Keep all food tightly stored in your cooler, secure in a vehicle (not in your tent), and maintain a safe and sanitary site. Food and beverages from the campground are not permitted in the concert area including Friday night. Any oil should be put in container, Let us know if you need us to dispose of it or take it home.

Can I sell food/drink/jewelry/clothes/etc.?

No vending is permitted in the campground. You will be asked to leave. No Refunds.

Will we be able to jam?

Certainly! We welcome acoustic instruments and all styles of music. We do ask, however, that you respect your neighbors and the 10 PM sound curfew.

What should I bring?

If you are tenting it, don't forget your ground cloth, sleeping bag and/or blankets and pillow. Pack comfortable shoes and clothes to layer for a variety of possible weather conditions. Bring food, snacks, bottled water and ice chest; toiletries and towels; hat or visor; sunglasses, suntan lotion and bug spray.

What's The Grove?

Campers will be able to set up day tents in The Grove. The Grove is on the other side of the fence, thru the double gate, near the Main Stage (Look to the right of the pond) on Saturday Morning as early as 9 AM. Single Day Ticket holders are welcome to visit and set up in the Grove. No Commercial signage on tents, no bigger than 10 x 10 and no sides. Tents MUST be staked down when unattended. We can't wake up Sunday and have a cluster of Tents if we get some wind. No Over nite camping in these Tents. This area will be fenced and you can enter only by walking thru the main field. Tents in the Grove can be left up Saturday night and must be be picked up Sunday Night.

What should I leave at home?

Pets, kegs, glass jars and bottles, and, of course, anything else you should not have to begin with (fireworks, weapons, other illicit/illegal substances, etc.). No golf carts, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), motorized scooters, skateboards, bicycles. Motorcycles can't be rode from the camping area into the festival area . NO PETS. Please don't bring so much that you can't leave your site as clean as you found it.

What if I have special needs or circumstances?

We want to make this an annual camping event, one that's enjoyable for everybody, so we will do what we can. Let us know in advance if you foresee a problem or have additional questions. Let us know if you have special dietary needs in advance.

Anything else I should worry about?

Probably not, Fine Print: Management reserves the right to search tents and vehicles, and to evict anyone behaving improperly or stupid.

You will be able to walk back and forth from the campground to the festival all day long. Food and drinks can be brought into the campground from the festival, but nothing can be brought into the festival area.

Our festival camping areas are onsite on the fairgrounds property, a few hundred yards from the main stage.